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Dragon Soul

The domain of the Devilish Dragon of Nightmares

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12 April 1988
Fear my Madness

Current nicks: dragoneyes, AleniaKalain.
Date of Birth: 12th April 1988.
Occupation: studying Computer Engeneering at university.
General obsessions: anime/manga, Arashi, drama, yaoi, slash, fanfictions, fanarts, Marvel comics, Star Trek.
Anime/Manga obsessions: Bleach, Eyeshield 21, XXXHOLiC.
Drama obsessions: Kamen Rider (finished Den-O, Kiva, Kabuto Hibiki, Faiz, and Agito, currently watching Blade and Ryuki).
Arashi ichiban: Ninomiya Kazunari.
Marvel comics: Cable & Deadpool, Ultimate Spider-man, Uncanny X-Men.
Star Trek: Spock/Kirk, TOS, reboot and everything in between!
THE obsession that's currently eating my brain: Spock/Kirk and Star Trek in general (with a special mention to the mirrorverse).

- Other things -
I mostly use this journal for random fangirling (expect a lot of that XD), some random bitching when I'm fed up by my RL issues, lots of icon posting, some fanart goodness and some fanfiction posting.

My Multiple Personalities

Hiruma Youichi or The Psychotic Evil Genius

As of today, Hiruma is my favourite character in all the manga/anime fandoms and is one of my favourite characters ever. His intelligence and moodiness make it for an explosive mix that hit everyone in its aftershock. He's unusual, untamed, unhealthily in love with gunpowder weapons, thinks outside the box and proudly follows his ideas. I love him for his uniqueness and my own uniqueness feels like shouting to the world "I'm here! I'm here! Look at me!" every time I see him.

My inner Hiruma is as bitchy as they come, moody and easily irritated. He use xelessia's Rui as his doormat and her Musashi as his pillow, and lady_northstar's Agon as his pet (with collar and leash as add-ons).
He likes cuddling (though he would never admit it), biting and leaving marks on his living properties. He loves coffee, Musashi's tiramisù, his mint-flavoured sugarless gums, and calling Agon "my pet", and hate sugar with the whole of his acidic heart.
He easily gets depressed when it comes to social interaction (or most accurately to his inability to show what he really thinks) with the ones he likes, though he shows it in a convoluted bitchy way, mostly by shouting and/or shooting at them with his M16, or by kicking at stuff until he breaks everything that surround him.
According to the background we set with lady_northstar, he went to the first two years of grade school with her Agon and Unsui (and got quite a little crush on the latter), and then, partially according to the background we set with xelessia, and partially according to canon, he met with her Musashi in middle school and with her Rui in high school.
At some point during high school he even ended up being part of a 3some with Agon and Rui (...just don't ask...and yes, it was his brilliant idea...) though the latter was far from happy (on the other hand Agon was even too eager to comply...).

Hiruma is my moodiness, my schizoid personality and my cynicism.

Wade Wilson aka Deadpool or The Red Nutcase

Wade is the cutest, sweetest nutcase that you can find out there. He's a 4th-wall breaker and is most likely at fault for my tendency to adress the reader and commenting on the happenings when writing fanfictions.

Together with prue84 we share one of his (almost funcional) neurons, but apparently though she has her own Cable, we don't get to share him! D: Which leaves me with a certain lack of Priscilla to role-play with (and if there is a Nate out there in search for his Wade, just let me know, it's probably my half-neuron you're searching for!).
When talking to my co-neuron I often refer to myself as "the yellow box" and apparently, for some reason, I got to be the perverted and loony half of the neuron...lucky me I guess!

Deadpool is my mutliple personality disorder, my introverted-ness and my lack of coherence.

Mr. Spock or The Overly Unsubtle Vulcan

Under construction...

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